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09:37 Thursday 11 August 2011  Written by Becky Eumorfopoulos

Lightyears go from Wembley to memorial hall for charity bash

Four-piece pop-rock band The Lightyears, who have played to audiences of more than 200,000 people at Wembley Stadium recently, held a gig to raise money for Cancer Research on behalf of a close friend.

“It was great. The place was absolutely rammed,” said drummer and band member Tony Lyons from Twyford.

The band, who formed 11 years ago, performed to an audience of 165 people at the Memorial Hall and raised over £1,000 for the charity.

It is a far cry from a concert in March of this year when The Lightyears supported The Script at the O2 Arena.

However, the band enjoyed the intimate venue in Shiplake and would, Tony states, like to perform at more local venues.

Nationally, the band has gone from success to success. Toted as the ‘Next Big Thing’ by the London Metro, The Lightyears were selected by T-Mobile to front and write the song for their national 2010 campaign.

Currently The Lightyears are in discussions with award-winning Reading film director Peter Strickland (director of ‘Katalin Varga’) about a new project and are planning to record a new album in November.

Alongside work in the UK, the group will tour the USA, their sixth tour to the country in 2012 which the band are looking forward to.

“Touring is always a good laugh,” said Tony, “we love playing up the cockney and posh stereotype Americans have of British people!”

The Lightyears’ fifth album London, England is available on iTunes to download.
Visit for more information about the band.

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