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14:49 Monday 11 March 2013  Written by Francis Batt

New Windsor Boys' head is keen sportsman Gavin Henderson

The name of Windsor Boys' School's new headteacher has been announced.

Gavin Henderson will take over on September 1. Until then former deputy head Tony Willis will continue as acting headteacher.

Mr Henderson is currently deputy headteacher at Feltham Community College, an academy and mixed secondary school with 1,200 pupils aged between 11 and 18.

He is a keen sportsman, a member of Twickenham Rowing Club and Rugby Club as well as a 10k charity runner.

He is also a foster dad, who has previously taught at schools in Haringey, Richmond and Ealing.

A statement by Windsor Boys' School governors released today said: "The school has a duty to appoint the best possible candidate and after an intensive and exhaustive selection process over two days including involvement by members of staff, the governors unanimously decided to offer the appointment to Mr Henderson."

It has been a difficult two years for the school with widely reported financial problems and the surprise resignation last summer of previous head Julian Clauson.

Tony Willis will continue to run the school as acting headteacher until the end of the academic year

But the news of the new appointment has already inspired an angry message on Facebook from a pupil who believes the job should have gone permanantly to Mr Willis.

The log says: "Today has been one of the blackest days at the Boys' School, I have seen teachers close to and in tears trying to hide their emotion."

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