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11:30 Tuesday 04 February 2014  Written by Francis Batt

Flood threat returns for Wraysbury and Old Windsor

Flood misery could be on the cards again for people living in Wraysbury and Old Windsor.

Warnings have been issued again this morning by the Environment Agency for both villages, as Thames levels rise after the weekend's rainfall.

The river is expected to stay lower than it was last month over the next 48 hours. But with heavy downpours forecast for later in the week, villagers are advised to monitor the EA's website for up to date information.

The Royal Borough's Flood Relief Fund can provide financial assistance of up to £500 to people suffering hardship as a result of local flooding. Contributions can also be made from the fund towards flood protection measures. But the borough will not be able to cover the total cost of any losses incurred and residents will have to seek support from their insurance companies.

People can apply for an exemption from Council Tax if forced by the floods to live in temporary accommodation. 

A number of households in Wraysbury are still without toilet facilities. The borough is providing chemical toilets to older and more vulnerable residents.It has also organised for the toilets in Wraysbury Village Hall to be open to the public Monday to Saturday from 1pm to 3pm.

Other options are being explored.

People provided with sandbags are being recommended to keep them for future use. You can contact the Royal Borough on 01628 683800 or 01753 853517 outside normal hours.

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