Windsor MP: 'It is imperative we learn lessons from Chilcot Report'

David Lee

David Lee


MP for Windsor Adam Afriyie says the UK must ‘learn the lessons’ from the long-awaited Chilcot Report and ensure all peaceful alternatives have been exhausted before the country goes to war.

Sir John Chilcot released his findings on the UK’s involvement in the 2003 Iraq War on Wednesday.

The report stated that military action at the time ‘was not a last resort’ and the then Iraq leader Saddam Hussein posed no imminent threat to international security.

The inquiry also found that the decision to invade Iraq was made on ‘flawed intelligence’, especially with regard to the severity of the threat posed by the country’s alleged weapons of mass destruction.

Following the release of the report, Mr Afriyie told the Express:  "As an MP for a garrison town and with family members that have served in the military in the past, I am always thankful for the dedication and sacrifice of our Armed Forces.

“It is heartbreaking that the Chilcot Inquiry shows that so many of our soldiers were not as well equipped as they could have been.

"I am also alarmed to hear that it is possible that we rushed to war based on unclear evidence and not in the last resort. 

"It is a sign of a robust and open democracy that such a report has been produced, but it is imperative that we learn the lessons from this episode and ensure that our checks and balances remain forceful.

"We should never rush to war before all peaceful alternatives have been exhausted.”

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