New homes would be a ‘disaster’ on flood-prone area, say neighbours

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams

Moneyrow Green ‘could not cope’ with the increased flood risk from two new homes, neighbours have said.

Around 15 objections have been lodged against an application to build two homes in The Fieldings in Moneyrow Green, Holyport.

The two detached houses are on agricultural land, on the greenbelt. This is the second time residents have pushed back against plans for the site.

The thrust of the arguments against is that very special circumstances for building on the greenbelt have not been demonstrated.

Additionally, the Borough ‘has not identified this as a suitable site for development in the Borough Local Plan’.

A previous application for four houses on the site was refused in February (reference 21/02951) on the same grounds.

Since then, the proposed height of the houses has been reduced and a flood risk report has been provided.

They also disagreed that the application counted as an ‘infilling’ development as it extends beyond the existing cul-de-sac of The Fieldings.

Infilling involves building on plots in an urban or village setting to occupy a gap in the street scene.

New buildings on the greenbelt can be permitted if they count as ‘limited infilling in villages’.

However, the site ‘is neither limited – it involves two newly built large homes – nor is it within the village,’ claimed Marrons Planning, representing an objecting resident.

Objectors felt the height of the houses would ‘dominate’ the primary street frontage and look out of character – another point raised in the previously refused application.

Neighbours also raised concerns that the application would make it easier for further and even more inappropriate building on this land.

Flooding issues were flagged, with objectors noting that the ‘site is often waterlogged’ and the proposed development would be a ‘disaster for Moneyrow Green’ for this reason - a region that has already suffered serious flooding in the recent past.

Current drainage, sewage systems and soakaways ‘just could not cope’, neighbours claim.

The applicant, Wooldridge Group has been approached for comment.

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