A hundred Bray Lake homes will worsen A308 woes, say objectors

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams


Concerns have been raised over the impact of a proposal to build 99 homes next to the busy A308 at Bray.

Developer Shanly Homes is looking to build the homes on land neighbouring Thames Hospice.

But, in the mind of objectors to this application, the recent A308 corridor study – which looked at traffic impacts on the stretch between Bisham Roundabout and M25 – ‘supports the view that no extra traffic should be imposed.’

Concerns have been raised that the road is ‘already full to capacity’ at rush hour.

Due to M4 closures, the A308 has at times been the alternative route for the motorway, worsening this.

Objectors feel more development of this magnitude ‘will lead to severe traffic problems.’

People in the Windsor Road ‘already have difficulty’ entering and exiting their drives. At times, it is ‘virtually impossible’ to exit Court Close, one objector said.

Further concerns involve infrastructure such as schools and doctors, with doubts cast on whether existing services can handle the extra population increase.

Another concern was increased noise levels and pollution.

An air quality study carried out by Bray Parish Council has shown that nitrogen dioxide levels on this stretch are already about twice the WHO guidelines for health.

Shanly Homes said: “Shanly Homes have worked proactively with the council and engaged with their pre-application advice services, and undertook a public consultation with residents and businesses, to help shape proposals for the site.

“The adopted plan is supported by a wide range of studies and traffic modelling. The plan has been subject to a vigorous independent and public examination process.

“The strategic highways impacts from housing growth from the site and others along the A308 have been accounted for as part of the plan’s examination.

“The planning application is also supported by a site-specific Transport Assessment which demonstrates the proposals will not result in a significant increase in vehicular traffic on the Windsor Road, also having regard to the wider development network.

“Notwithstanding, the Local Highways Authority are consulting on several projects along the A308 corridor which are anticipated to strengthen the local highway networks capacity, having regard to the allocated housing sites in the plan.

“Shanly Homes waited until this consultation had been published and reviewed, before submitting the application, to ensure the proposed development would not compromise the proposed improvement works.

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