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E-scooter riders are a danger to pedestrians

The introduction of Government e-scooters can lead me to only one conclusion: that the Government and its overlords are trying to cull the population.

Presumably e-scooters are illegally ridden on the pavement because it is too dangerous for them on the road. However, if a pedestrian moves slightly to the left or right just as an e-scooter is coming up from behind them, they could get hit.

E-scooter riders don’t seem to care but just weave around the pedestrians at 15 miles per hour.

There also seem to be a lot more cyclists on the pavement since the introduction of e-scooters – cyclists who are equally aware that it is too dangerous for them on the road and equally indifferent to the safety of pedestrians.


Ledgers Road


Make parking cheaper to help the high street

As leader of the Local Independents group, I am well aware of the difficulties facing the Conservative administration regarding the council’s revenue budget but consider it common sense to encourage residents to use their local high streets.

There are the obvious issues regarding car use and climate change but the last two years have impacted the retail and hospitality industry in our borough and residents are saying they are travelling further and visiting ‘out of borough centres’ because of, in part, high parking charges.

Windsor residents are currently asked to pay higher parking charges because their local high street is a tourist town whereas Maidenhead residents are putting up with an enormous amount of disruption due to regeneration.

If our High Streets are to survive and become vibrant, we must ensure that residents are able to collect goods, visit our High Streets (despite mobility issues) and families can access our local facilities.

I asked officers to model a number of alternatives for resident discount parking. From modelling it appears that to allow one hour free (irrespective of how many hours purchased) in ALL car parks would reduce annual revenue by approximately £400k however in a reduced number of selected car parks it is estimated to be £150k.

We are generally seeing a move to ‘mobile app / phone call’ based parking fee processes and it would be expected that this is how the discount could be provided.

As shadow lead for finance, I will not be able to see the base figures for the budget until the draft budget is published.

There has been no approach by the Conservative administration to have a conversation regarding flexibility in the budget once all our statutory responsibilities have been met.

Therefore, I am completely in the dark as to whether this is viable or not.

The Local Independents group urge the Conservative administration to do all they can to implement residents’ discount parking within the budget for 2022/23 to give residents a fairer deal and to support our High Streets.


On behalf of the Local Independents (RBWM)

Environment should be front, left and centre

The council and its administration seem hell bent on pretending that there isn’t a climate emergency holding out Neroically against the views of RBWM residents, experts and non-Conservatives alike.

The council’s every action during this process seemed to frustrate the corporate plan consultation by issuing it late over the summer holidays, with no educative roadshows to inform the public, with a limited range of questions and no viable alternatives presented, and a late attempt to curtail scrutiny by the only politicians who seem to voice concern i.e. not-the-Tories.

It’s fair to say now, with the daily publication of damning news about the future of our planet and our children’s prosperity that Bill Clinton’s old phrase can be restated to: “It’s the climate, stupid.”

This is a theme taken up vociferously by the majority of the 491 members of the public who were able to respond to the council’s corporate plan consultation.

50 per cent of the public disagreed with the expectations of the plan, which is twice as many as those who agreed with it.

The public said that the top five issues that this council is not addressing are, in order of priority to them;

1. Environment, climate and biodiversity, (with an average of) 174 responses

2. Democracy and decision-making, 33 responses

3. Housing, 18 responses

4. Consultation, 15 responses

5. Planning and development, 14 responses

Every decision that we take from now on and, every regulation we create has to put ‘environment, climate and biodiversity’ front, left and centre.

It’s an ethos, a new way of doing life.

Yet despite this, the revised corporate plan which was due to be presented to the cabinet on last night (Thursday) does not reflect the overwhelming views of the public.

In short the council and the administration have stopped representing our citizens and are reneging on our responsibility to fight for future generations.

Greta Thunberg and her generation are correct in saying that ‘we need more public pressure and not summits’ or even duplicitous consultations.

I would urge the public to pressure, pressure, pressure now and remember this also in May 2023 at the next elections.


West Windsor Residents Association

Clerwer & Dedworth West

No issues raised over changes to collections

I am writing this on the eighth day since we changed to the way we collect recycling and waste.

I have not had a single email from residents raising issues about collections at all which really pleases me and does show that the level of planning we, together with SERCO have done is paying off.

Yes, as always there have been sites we could not access but in every case, we returned either later that day or first thing next morning.

The only issue I am aware of is that quite a few residents have put the wrong bins out. We have really tried to communicate with every household but if you have lost the timetables, we sent you please do go one our website and check the waste and recycling section where you can both report a missed bin and look up your collection dates.


RBWM cabinet Member for environmental services ,planning and Maidenhead

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