Animal Welfare Party candidate standing for election in Maidenhead

The Animal Welfare Party (AWP) has announced its candidate to challenge Theresa May in the forthcoming general election.

Andrew Knight is a European veterinary specialist in animal welfare science, ethics and law, and a professor of animal welfare and ethics at the University of Winchester.

Some of AWP’s key policies include a plan to end the badger cull and oppose any repeal of the fox hunting ban, an increase in penalties for those convicted of animal abuse, and to improve human health and save NHS funds by protecting the environment and global food security by promoting healthy plant-based diets.

An active animal advocate for more than 20 years, Andrew has published extensively on animal issues within both academic and popular media.

He is a keen supporter of socially responsible policies that make a positive difference in the lives of people and animals, and that safeguard biodiversity and preserve our environment.

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