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Police campaign over 'honour-based' abuse

‘Honour-based’ killings and abuse is the target of the latest police crackdown campaign.

The third phase of Thames Valley Police’s Hidden Harm campaign aims to defend victims from violence and abuse committed to ‘defend’ the perceived honour of a family or community.

It is estimated there are 12 honour-based killings a year in the UK, according to the Honour Based Violence Awareness Network, and Thames Valley Police has dealt with 1,200 cases of honour-based abuse in the past four years, 60 of which occurred in the Royal Borough.

Honour-based abuse can be physical or mental, with the victims perceived to have been ‘dishonourable’ by going against traditions or cultural customs.

This could be for refusing an arranged marriage, wearing clothing seen as incorrect or inappropriate or for having a same-sex relationship.

Det Supt Nick John said: “The abuse doesn’t have to be physical; it can be emotional or sexual and may involve threats of violence, false imprisonment, stalking, forced marriage and, in some cases, even murder. Anyone can be a victim of honour-based abuse.

“This campaign isn’t about singling out any particular faith or culture. It’s about getting people to understand that abuse in the name of ‘honour’ is a form of just that – abuse – regardless of the reason behind it.”

Thames Valley Police will be raising awareness of honour-based abuse for the next two weeks, with social media activity and officers out in the community.

Poster adverts will also be put up in spots where honour-based abuse is most common.

The police force hopes the campaign will give victims the confidence to come forward.

Det Supt John said: “Our first priority is always to keep people safe from harm.

“Just because you contact us doesn’t mean you’re going to be taken away from your family or that they’ll be prosecuted.

“So-called ‘honour crime’ can escalate quickly, so it’s important people understand that there are lots of different ways we can help.”

For more information on the campaign visit:


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  • Stranger

    13:01, 09 July 2018

    They spend more on PR like this, reinforcing the new PC paradigms about the evil lurking in the at large in the world and what they're pretending to do about it, than on police work which would involve tackling the evil here and now. Check your postcode on the website. It shows that in my area in Slough, crime has doubled since May last year. In other words, nearly twice the amount of crime in the same area, in May 2018 as in May 2017. A big spate of stabbings and no action or news about what's going on... Overpopulated and not allowed to talk about who's behind all this violent crime... Press releases from TVP are exactly the same as fake news about the Thuggee cult in India (a made-up excuse to round up dissenters in the British Raj). They aren't here for us little people but to do the bidding of their political paymasters. You'll see no action on violent crime. Just stories about the witchcraft/honour crime your neighbour is doing behind closed doors, as standards of living are reduced. Better watch what you say on Facebook though. They'll come down on you for that. You aren't lugging around a huge knife in Langley, so you're much easier pickings.



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