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Opposition leader hits out at council-funded banners

The erection of banners praising the work of the Conservative-led council has been questioned by the leader of the opposition.

Signs have been put up on lampposts across the area featuring the Royal Borough logo alongside an array of messages.

They have been funded using cash from the Royal Borough, rather than the ruling Conservative administration.

The council has not officially confirmed how much they cost.

Statements made on the banners include the claim that residents pay the lowest council tax outside of London and that 4,000 homes have been built guaranteeing 30 per cent affordable housing.

But the leader of the opposition Cllr Lynne Jones (Independent, Old Windsor) questioned the timing of the move, with the council elections coming up in May.

She told the Advertiser: “My main concerns are the accuracy of the statements and the fact that we have never put banners up before and the timing I believe is more than a coincidence.

“I have been told that they display the six priorities of the council but the one about 4,000 houses being built, they haven’t been built.”

In 2011, a controversial scheme which proposed more than 60 advertising signs be hung on lampposts in locations including Braywick Road and Frascati Way was rejected by the council

Cllr Jones added: “Superfluous spending on these banners is not a good use of public money.

“I wouldn’t have put them in the first place.”

Leader of the council Cllr Simon Dudley declined to comment but a Royal Borough spokeswoman said the banners had been erected to highlight the ‘six priorities of the council’.

A council statement added: “Banners have been placed across the borough to highlight the six priorities which were agreed in the council plan at full council.

“We monitor council performance against those six priorities.

“The council’s communication plan is also aligned to the six key priorities which sets out how we communicate key messages to residents.

“Banners are widely used by other councils to share key messages with residents.”


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  • Pursuer

    11:11, 24 January 2019

    Strangely enough my opinion on these banners, as indicated in the Facebook postings, seems to be one fairly widely held. They smack of election advertising by the incumbent Tory controlled council. Given that it appears these banners have been paid for by local Tax payers one must wonder if this current advertising should be referred to the Electoral Commission. I write this as a traditional supporter of the Conservative party,although I have long felt that local councils should not be composed of politicians who are aligned with the national political parties.



  • wobbly

    10:10, 24 January 2019

    Funny enough, I'd like to 'share a few key messages' with the council. One of them will be 'goodbye' after the elations hopefully.



  • Bill123

    07:07, 24 January 2019

    Its a shameful use of tax payers money by Cllr Dudley particularly when they are proposing £9 million in cuts to peoples service throughout the borough to cover their mismanagement of finance their 'black hole', Of course the can keep cutting services and then clam they are a 'low council tax' borough but someone always pays somewhere when cuts are made!



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