Who is my Royal Borough councillor?

There are 41 councillors in the borough, across 19 wards. The most important part of their job is to represent you, the resident, and for many problems that you face, your local councillor should be your first port of call. But who is your local councillor? What do they stand for? And how can you get in touch with them? The answers to all these questions can be found in this guide.

Ascot and Sunninghill:

Cllr David Hilton - Conservatives

As lead member for finance, Cllr Hilton was heavily involved in creating the 2020/21 budget, designed to save the borough £6million. While the budget was approved in February, matters have been complicated by the COVID-19 crisis, which is expected to cost the council £14million.

Cllr Hilton is also lead member for Ascot, and has shown he is passionate about the town, promising to work with developers on the Ascot rejuvenation. He is also opposed to the third runway at Heathrow.

Email: cllr.hilton@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Julian Sharpe - Conservatives

Interested in traffic and planning issues, Cllr Sharpe was involved in installing a new zebra crossing in Sunninghill.

As a member of the Windsor Area Development Panel, Cllr Sharpe has been outspoken on planning issues in the Windsor and Ascot areas. Earlier in 2020 he was critical of the plans to build 87 homes on the Medina Dairy site in Dedworth.

Email: cllr.sharpe@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr John Story - Conservatives

Serving as a councillor for 14 years, Cllr Story has campaigned in the past to save Heatherwood Hospital in Ascot.

Outside politics he volunteers at a national charity providing legal advice for people unable to afford lawyers. As vice-chairman of the Adults, Children and Health Overview and Scrutiny Panel, he proposed a motion to send the controversial report on plans to close children’s centres back to cabinet so they could add clarity. The paper was later set aside by cabinet, and a new report is due to be presented in June.

Email: cllr.story@rbwm.gov.uk 


Cllr John Baldwin - Liberal Democrats

Since his election to the council, Cllr Baldwin has shown a strong desire to increase the amount of affordable housing in the area.

As a member of the Maidenhead Area Development Panel, he has commented on many significant planning applications for the town, questioning affordable housing provision and challenging large developments that provide little car parking spaces.

Email: cllr.baldwin@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Simon Bond - Liberal Democrats

Volunteering for charities and community organisations in his spare time, Cllr Bond has shown an enthusiasm for protecting the most vulnerable people in the borough. He was opposed to the council’s changes to the council tax support scheme, which changed the discount for the most vulnerable from 91.5per cent to 80 per cent, and led the Liberal Democrat’s opposition to the scheme.

Email: cllr.bond@rbwm.gov.uk 

Bisham and Cookham:

Cllr Mandy Brar - Liberal Democrats

As well as serving as a borough and parish councillor, Cllr Brar also runs the popular Hillcrest Stores in Cookham. During her time as a borough councillor, she has opposed an increase in development in Cookham.

Following the announcement of the amended Borough Local Plan, Cllr Brar criticised the plans to build three new developments in Cookham Rise, which could see 270 new homes built in the small village.

Email: cllr.brar@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Gerry Clark - Conservatives

Serving in multiple cabinet roles during his time on the council, one of Cllr Clark’s biggest contributions to the Royal Borough took place in June 2019, when, as lead member for sustainability, he declared a state of an environment and climate emergency, committing the council to achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050, and agreeing to establish a cross-party working group to achieve this goal.

Since then, Cllr Clark has been switched to the transport and infrastructure brief, seeking to improved roads and pavements in the borough, and introduce traffic calming measures, particularly in Cookham Dean.

Email: cllr.clark@rbwm.gov.uk 

Boyn Hill:

Cllr Gurpreet Bhangra - Conservatives

Part of Theresa May’s team during her successful general election campaign in 2019. As a member of the Maidenhead Area Development Management Panel for the last year, he has also had a say on major planning applications for the town. He voted in favour of plans to build 80 news homes by Ray Mill Road East, which included 47 per cent affordable housing. The application was eventually rejected, though, over flooding concerns.

Before he was elected in 2019, Cllr Bhangra was a member of the Grenfell Park User Group and started the Keep Boyn Hill Today campaign.

Email: cllr.bhangra@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Stuart Carroll - Conservatives

Cllr Carroll is lead member for adult social care, children’s services, health and mental health. He is also deputy chairman of the cabinet. Since he was first elected in 2015, Cllr Carroll has shown a passion for helping vulnerable people, especially those suffering from mental illness of drug addiction.

In 2020, Cllr Carroll wrote to the education secretary asking for the evidence behind the government decision to reopen schools in June. He has also been heavily involved in the council’s plans to transform children’s services. The changes involve the closure of multiple children’s centres in the Royal Borough to facilitate a hub-based model prioritising the borough’s most vulnerable residents.

Email: cllr.carroll@rbwm.gov.uk 


Cllr David Coppinger - Conservatives

A veteran in planning, Cllr Coppinger took the lead in preparing the amended local plan in 2019. Having lived in Holyport for decades, his political career began more than 30 years ago as a Bray parish councillor.

He has done work to retain greenbelt in the borough, improve road safety and maintain the character of Bray for families.

Email: cllr.coppinger@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Leo Walters - Conservatives

A councillor dedicated to preserving the greenbelt, Leo Walters has been a mainstay at the Royal Borough for many years.

A believer in individual freedom, freedom of the press and a self-proclaimed anti-communist, Cllr Walters serves as the vice-chairman on the Maidenhead District Control Panel. While on the panel he has been fiercely critical of planning applications intended for the greenbelt.

Email: cllr.walters@rbwm.gov.uk 

Clewer and Dedworth East:

Cllr Carole Da Costa - West Windsor Residents Association

When she isn’t working as a councillor, Cllr Da Costa works as a community midwife, helping hundreds of families in the area over the past two decades.

An enthusiastic volunteer, Cllr Da Costa does work with homeless charity More Than A Shelter and was an original member of Plastic Free Maidenhead. In April 2020, she helped set up the West Windsor Hub, supporting residents during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Email: cllr.walters@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Helen Price - The Borough First

Since being elected to her role, Cllr Price’s priorities have been to reduce loneliness and isolation, improve mobility and improve quality of life for residents.

Cllr Price voiced strong opposition to the council’s plans to change the council tax support scheme for vulnerable residents, and raised concerns over the impact reducing library opening hours would have on disadvantaged children and families.

Email: cllr.Price@rbwm.gov.uk 

Clewer and Dedworth West

Cllr Wisdom Da Costa - West Windsor Residents Association

As well as being a councillor, Cllr Da Costa also ran for the Windsor seat in the 2019 general election as an independent candidate.

A qualified accountant, corporate treasurer and science teacher, he was also involved in the Plastic Free Maidenhead campaign from early on.

Having been a long-time member of the Windsor Area Development Management Panel, Cllr Da Costa has enjoyed some influence over planning matters in the area.

Email: cllr.dacosta@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Jon Davey - West Windsor Residents Association

Keen to protect the greenery in Windsor, Cllr Jon Davey helped to organise several public consultations in 2019 to help inform the public about the submitted Borough Local Plan.

Part of the Windsor Town Forum, he was one of the councillors who called for the forum to be more proactive in addressing issues in the area, rather than simply discussing them.

Email: cllr.Davey@rbwm.gov.uk 

Clewer East:

Cllr Karen Davies - Liberal Democrats

A founding member of Plastic Free Windsor, Cllr Davies ran to be a councillor with the hope of providing better financial scrutiny of the Royal Borough. She is also in favour of introducing a Windsor Town Council.

Away from the council chambers, Cllr Davies is involved with community initiative GoodGym, where residents run around the streets of the borough and do good deeds along the way.

Email: cllr.davies@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Amy Tisi - Liberal Democrats

Founder of charity The Baby Bank, Cllr Tisi has worked to get the council and charities working more closely together to help families suffering from hardship.

In February Cllr Tisi challenged the council’s new budget, questioning the decision to remove parking discounts for residents.

She also attacked plans to build a Premier Inn in Windsor, comparing the project to ‘parking the Death Star in a Victorian village’.

Email: cllr.tisi@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cox Green:

Cllr Phil Haseler - Conservatives

Heavily involved in the ‘Cox Green Says No’ campaign to preserve the 48-acre greenbelt site next to Cannon Lane, former police officer Cllr Haseler was elected to the council in 2019.

In this time, Cllr Haseler has chaired the Maidenhead Development Management Panel, and is earmarked to chair the reformed Royal Borough Development Management Panel during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Email: cllr.haseler@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Ross McWilliams - Conservatives

As lead member for housing, communications and youth engagement, Cllr McWilliams takes the lead on protecting the borough’s homeless.

He was removed from the housing brief in 2019 by controversial former council leader Simon Dudley. After his resignation, though, Cllr McWilliams was reinstated.

Cllr McWilliams has also played a key role in putting together the council’s plans to transform children’s services by introducing central hubs and closing other branches.

Email: cllr.mcwilliams@rbwm.gov.uk 

Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury:

Cllr David Cannon - Conservatives

A former detective inspector, Cllr Cannon is the lead member for public protection and parking at the Royal Borough. In January, the council’s public protection team took action against a call centre in India that was scamming Royal Borough residents.

Cllr Cannon has also been critical of fellow ward councillor Ewan Larcombe’s ambition to move the ward into Surrey County Council.

Email: cllr.cannon@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Ewan Larcombe - National Flood Prevention Party

Founder of the National Flood Prevention Party, Cllr Larcombe is the only elected member of the party in the borough. His biggest focus is flooding, but he has also expressed interest in public protection, stopping unauthorised development and fly-tipping,

Earlier in 2020 Cllr Larcombe declared that he wanted his ward to move into Surrey County Council, as he is frustrated with the Royal Borough’s lack of investment in the River Thames Scheme.

Email: cllr.larcombe@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Gary Muir - Conservatives

The incumbent deputy mayor of the Royal Borough, Cllr Muir has been a councillor in Windsor and Maidenhead for 12 years.

Over the last year, Cllr Muir has supported several good causes in the community, including the Maidenhead and District Talking Newspaper, Thames Hospice and the Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice service.

Email: cllr.muir@rbwm.gov.uk 

Eton and Castle:

Cllr John Bowden - Conservatives

Chairman of the Aviation Forum, Cllr Bowden has taken the lead on many of the borough’s aviation issues, attending meetings with Heathrow and engaging with their consultations.

Cllr Bowden is also involved in planning issues in the Windsor area, as a member of the Windsor Area Development Management Panel, and opposed the development on the Medina Dairy site which was approved.

Email: cllr.bowden@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Samantha Rayner - Conservatives

The deputy leader of the council, and the holder of several cabinet portfolios, Cllr Samantha Rayner is another senior member of the administration.

Among other things, she is the council’s lead member for resident and leisure services and Windsor. In her ward, she is interested in protecting the environment while enhancing it for residents, businesses and visitors.

Email: cllrS.rayner@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Shamsul Shelim - Conservatives

Cllr Shelim was named the cabinet member for HR, legal and IT by Simon Dudley following the election in May 2019, but was left out by new leader Cllr Andrew Johnson.

He is the vice-chairman of the Employment and Member Standards Panel and has served as a councillor for six years. He spoke in favour of the plans for the Oak Leisure Centre when the application was presented to the cabinet in 2019.

Email: cllr.shelim@rbwm.gov.uk 

Furze Platt:

Cllr Catherine del Campo - Liberal Democrats

Before she became a councillor, Cllr del Campo was an avid education campaigner, calling for fair funding for all schools.

She has criticised the Conservatives for their plans to transform the Royal Borough’s children’s services by closing down multiple centres in favour of central hubs in Windsor and Maidenhead, raising concerns that this approach would mean many who are unknown to the borough will suffer.

Email: cllr.delcampo@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Joshua Reynolds - Liberal Democrats

Aged 21, Cllr Reynolds is the youngest councillor at the Royal Borough. In the 2019 general election, he stood as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Maidenhead, finishing in second place behind Theresa May.

Cllr Reynolds is outspoken about many issues in Maidenhead, but is particularly vocal on matters of affordable housing and parking spaces, regularly criticising planning applications that include less than one parking space per home.

Email: cllr.reynolds@rbwm.gov.uk 

Hurley and Walthams:

Cllr Maureen Hunt - Conservatives

Cllr Hunt is a long-serving councillor and well-respected by her fellow members. Sitting on the Maidenhead Development Control Panel, she regularly calls in applications based in her ward for discussion and is protective of the greenbelt

In 2019, she was critical of a planning application to turn Riders Hotel into a care home, taking issue with the idea of vulnerable, elderly people living so close to the A4.

Email: cllr.hunt@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Andrew Johnson - Conservatives

Leader of the council, Cllr Johnson took over from Simon Dudley after he resigned in October 2019. Cllr Johnson has the unenviable task of restoring the council’s finances, and along with Cllr Hilton, took the lead on creating the 2020/21 budget.

A classic car and tractor enthusiast, Cllr Johnson is keen on road investment and often talks about increasing the attractiveness of the borough to investors.

Email: cllr.johnson@rbwm.gov.uk 

Old Windsor:

Cllr Lynne Jones - Old Windsor Residents Association

Cllr Lynne Jones is the leader of the local independents and is committed to scrutinising the administration, preparing the opposition’s response to the budget for the last nine years.

In February she was highly critical of the latest budget, and also criticised the administration’s handling of finances.

Email: cllr.jones@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Neil Knowles - Old Windsor Residents Association

Passionate about Old Windsor, Cllr Knowles has committed himself to fighting against greenbelt development in the ward. He is also enthusiastic about preserving the quality of the ward's schools.

As a veteran, he is committed to veteran welfare and is also keen to improve public transport in the borough.

Email: cllr.knowles@rbwm.gov.uk 


Cllr Geoff Hill - The Borough First

Having been a councillor for nine years, Cllr Hill was used to be a part of the Conservative administration, but resigned the whip following the homelessness controversy in January 2018.

Keen to protect his ward from overdevelopment, Cllr Hill raised concerns over Maidenhead United’s proposal to build a new stadium in Braywick Park. He has also criticised the decision to build a multi-storey car park in Vicus Way.

Email: Cllr.Hill@RBWM.gov.uk 

Cllr Helen Taylor - The Borough First

Cllr Taylor joined the campaign against the Vicus Way car park as a resident, but after the application was approved under controversial circumstances she stood to be a councillor.

Cllr Taylor has been one of the driving forces behind the community effort to help vulnerable residents during the COVID-19 outbreak and has also been in talks to find an alternative to scrapping the Advantage Card parking discount for residents.

Email: cllr.taylor@rbwm.gov.uk 

Pinkneys Green:

Cllr Clive Baskerville - Liberal Democrats

A former sports reporter at the Maidenhead Advertiser, Cllr Baskerville has shown his passion for physical activity as part of the Communities Overview and Scrutiny Panel. After the administration revealed its plans for the 2020/21 budget, Cllr Baskerville questioned the impact it may have on youth sports in the borough.

Cllr Baskerville has also campaigned for better school funding and has been seen removing graffiti with his chemical kit.

Email: cllr.baskerville@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Simon Werner - Liberal Democrats

Leader of the Royal Borough’s Liberal Democrats, Cllr Werner is constantly scrutinising decisions made by the administration.

When the council was controlled by the Lib Dems, Cllr Werner introduced community wardens and streetcare services to the borough. He is also campaigning to keep Pinkneys Green Youth Centre open as the Royal Borough looks to close some children’s centres as it moves to a hub model.

Email: cllr.werner@rbwm.gov.uk 


Cllr Greg Jones - Conservatives

The newest member of the council, Cllr Jones was voted in at a by-election in November following the resignation of former council leader Simon Dudley.

Since taking the seat, Cllr Jones has spoken of trying to take action against the owners of unlicensed and abandoned boats in the River Thames.

Email: cllr.g.jones@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Chris Targowski - Conservatives

Formerly an employee of the Royal Borough, Cllr Targowski now works for a major housing charity.

Speaking up on a variety of major planning applications, Cllr Targowski was the only councillor to vote in favour of the plans for Claires Court School to build a new complex in Cox Green. He was also in favour of plans to replace derelict flats in York Road with 53 new apartments.

Email: cllr.targowski@rbwm.gov.uk 

St Mary’s

Cllr Gurch Singh - Conservatives

Cllr Singh became a familiar face in the build-up to the 2019 elections sharing many ‘selfie’ videos around Maidenhead on social media. Cllr Singh was at the forefront of a campaign to prevent the Thames Riviera Hotel from being converted into flats.

He also used his own councillor’s allowance to pay for a street art mural in Queen Street in February 2020.

Email: cllr.singh@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Donna Stimson - Conservatives

Co-founder of Maidenhead Matters, Cllr Stimson has been appointed the cabinet member for environmental services, climate change and sustainability. The driving force behind many of the council’s green initiatives, Cllr Stimson has criticised planning applications that she feels do not reflect the borough’s sustainability goals.

She is also a trustee of charity Heal Rewilding.

Email: Cllr.Stimson@rbwm.gov.uk 

Sunningdale and Cheapside:

Cllr Christine Bateson - Conservatives

A resident of Ascot and Sunningdale for more than 30 years, Cllr Bateson has done a lot of work in the area. She helped to stop high-tonnage lorries travelling over Chobham Bridge, and was involved in the fight to keep Heatherwood Hospital.

A member for the Windsor Area Development Panel, she was opposed to plans to build homes on the former Squires site in Windsor and also criticised the plans to build a Premier Inn in St Leonards Road.

Email: cllr.bateson@rbwm.gov.uk 

Cllr Sayonara Luxton - Conservatives

Serving as the mayor of the Royal Borough in 2019/20, Cllr Luxton has supported several good causes in the area during her tenure.

During the coronavirus outbreak, she has been coordinating a fundraiser to provide non-surgical scrubs to NHS staff.

A devotee to tradition, Cllr Luxton has criticised councillors for attending meetings in dressed-down attire.

Email: cllr.luxton@rbwm.gov.uk