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Sapphire and diamond necklace stolen in High Street

A woman who had her necklace stolen in the High Street wants to raise awareness of how vulnerable people can be.

Patricia Allen, 79, was heading home via the High Street after a walk when a ‘very attractive, very plausible’ woman made an approach and began talking to her on Sunday, August 23.

“She started to say that it was her mother’s birthday, and because she couldn’t give her mother a gift she would like to give it to me, and then started to put a chain round my neck,” she said.

Patricia made to leave but said the woman waylaid her and put another chain around her neck and hugged her.

Patricia said: “In view of COVID I was desperate to get away, but she was holding me tight.

“When she let go, she almost immediately did it again and as I walked up the street with these two manky chains on my neck, I felt for my own chain.”

Feeling for her sapphire and diamond necklace, estimated to be worth more than £1,000, Patricia realised it was missing.

“I guess when she was hugging me she unclipped my necklace,” she said.

Patricia said ‘you would never, ever, have thought she was a thief’ and that in the future she ‘wouldn’t stop to talk to anybody again, however nice they were’.

“I never would have thought I could have been tricked, I mean, I know I’m getting older, but I’m quite alert,” Patricia added.

“We’re so vulnerable sometimes and you don’t realise it yourself.”

Thames Valley Police confirmed it received a report of theft which occurred in High Street, Maidenhead, at around 5.20pm on Sunday, August 23.

It was reported that a necklace had been stolen. No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information should call Thames Valley Police on 101, quoting the reference number 43200263674.

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  • Pursuer

    11:25, 05 September 2020

    A similar thing happened several years ago,in Maidenhead Town Centre when my wife was accosted by a gypsy woman trying to sell her 'lucky white heather'. My wife was not interested but the seller persisted holding her coat's collar and pressing a bunch of the 'lucky white heather' against her chest asserting that it would bring her good luck etc etc. The seller was determined and eventually fixed the bunch to my wife's coat saying that she could have it free of charge. Only a while later did my wife notice that her Italian gold, enamelled brooch was missing. It was never recovered. We have a photograph and the makers detail plus the individual number of the piece, but it was never seen again. Yes we reported it to the police,advertised its loss in the 'Advertiser' and our insurers paid out. But the sentimental aspects will never be recovered. So nimble fingers may yet still be at work somewhere depriving folk of valuable items.



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