Faulty traffic lights on A308M Holyport slip road cause frustration

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams


Drivers on the A308 slip road onto the M4 are frustrated with a set of motorway traffic lights that is delaying journeys.

Those coming from the southwest or southeast on the A308(M) have been struggling with the traffic lights to join the M4 at junction 8/9.

Residents using the road report that the lights for entry are green for only a few seconds, causing congestion and increasing pollution while traffic sits idle.

Drivers note that this time period allows as few as five cars through before changing to a long red light – fewer if there are HGVs on the slip road.

The short green light times can cause queues of 30-40 cars, holding drivers up for 15 or 20 minutes, residents have reported.

To avoid the queues, some drivers wishing to access A404(M) from the Windsor Road are avoiding the A308(M) and using Harvest Hill and Shoppenhangers Road instead.

In a letter to Theresa May’s office, Andrew Cormie, chairman of the Holyport Residents’ Association, said he has personally received 20 separate concerns about the issue. He wrote:

“The time allowed for traffic to proceed onto the roundabout from the A308(M) is, I estimate, less than 1/3 of the time allowed for those from the A404(M).

“From review of comments received and observation of Google Maps, it is obvious that drivers on the A308(M) are being disproportionately disadvantaged in accessing the M4.

“Clips (from Maps) consistently show very much less delay on the A404(M), compared with the A308(M).”

Residents who have complained to Highways England were told there was an ‘ongoing problem’ with the signals while the old system is upgraded and connected into the wider signalling system as part of the M4 motorway upgrade works.

They were told the issue would be fixed by March this year.

According to Mrs May’s office, the MP for Maidenhead has already written to the council and Highways England to raise this matter.

A Highways England spokesman said:

“We are aware of a timing issue on signals from the A308M as they join the M4 at junctions 8/9.

“We plan to monitor the traffic lights regularly to make sure they are working as well as possible while we work on a permanent solution.

“We are in touch with our local partners in the area, and are sorry for the disruption this fault is causing. In the meantime we thank drivers for bearing with us.”

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  • Bungle

    21:28, 03 May 2021

    Laughable lights, laughable article. Well done, Maidenhead - Always excelling at being s-h-i-t-e @ absolutely everything.



  • rogersmith02

    17:58, 30 April 2021

    The A308(M) doesn't come from "the southwest or southeast" to join the M4, it just comes from Braywick!



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