Woodham is confident he can achieve success with the Royalists in second spell

Mick Woodham says he wouldn’t have returned to Windsor FC if he didn’t believe he could achieve success with the club in the forthcoming season.

Woodham was announced to have re-joined the Royalists as first team manager on Monday, having left Stag Meadow in August 2019.

He was informed of the news on Sunday evening, joking that it had quashed his plans of flying to Majorca to enter the Love Island villa.

In a jovial mood, Woodham reflected on his previous time as Royalists boss to the Advertiser earlier this week and detailed his ambitions going forward.

“I am excited and pleased in equal measure to be back,” he said. “I am looking forward to instilling the formula and the principles I had with the club before.

“I have a different group of guys to work with this time, but we will still be a happy and positive club both on and off the pitch. That’s how you get results.

“I wouldn’t have come back if I didn’t think I could achieve success this season. All I want to do is win. I don’t get hung up on my style of play, I just want us to win games of football. If it’s easy on the eye, happy days, if it’s ugly, it doesn’t matter.

“I want people to turn up to our games and give them something positive to talk about during the week. Ideally, I want us to be on the front foot and attacking. That’s what I like watching myself.

“I knew last night knowing the announcement would be made today (Monday). I was due to go on Love Island next week, so I have had to turn that down. I think I was going in as Luca’s love interest or something like that but going back to Windsor has satisfied me enough.”

Woodham’s most recent spell in management was a short one with Staines Town, whom of which weren’t a great source of satisfaction. Speaking on that 18-game stint with the Swans, Woodham added: “Oh my god, it was carnage, it was a car crash. I think I enjoyed it for about 20 minutes in all the time I was there.

“It was a very difficult club to manage because there were a lot of things going on off the pitch, a lot of uncertainty, but those experiences shape you I suppose.

“I learnt so much in five or six months there than I probably did in 10 years at Windsor.

“It’s a real shame because it is a club that has a lot of history and I don’t know where it’s going, even today. But, my focus now is at Stag Meadow and I’m happy to be back.”

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