Maids' pre-season is underway but Parrott wants to see more players

Maidenhead RFC’s preparations for the forthcoming season are in full swing and while there has been a good number of senior players down at Braywick Park, director of rugby Myke Parrott would like to see more.

The rugby club, like many others, are still feeling the effects of the pandemic with regards to players showing signs of apathy and a hesitance to commit themselves to the sport, according to Parrott.

Due to this, it’s expected that each member of the squad will have varying levels of fitness when the new campaign gets underway, and some will be able to hit the ground running easier than others.

“Yeah pre-season has gone pretty well. We are aware we started pretty early but I’m glad we did start that early because there are quite a lot of lads that haven’t made their way back yet,” said Parrott.

“Some have dipped in and out which is something we expected to be honest.

“We are still feeling the post-pandemic effects whereby people have got other stuff going on and they aren’t as committed as they once were. Many rugby clubs are in the same boat and that’s really, really tough. But, on the whole it has been good.

“It’s certainly not a beasting which maybe what pre-season has been like in past years. It’s a heavy focus on skills, fun, and there are blocks of S&C (strength and conditioning) in there aswell.

“Everyone needs to get fit but the onus of that has to be on the players. It’s been great to be back and numbers certainly are picking up session by session, week by week.”

Parrott added: “You’d love every member of the squad to be on the same level of fitness but some won’t turn up until August. That’s just due to work life, commitments with children, other excuses, not liking fitness etc.

“There will be some that attend every session and no doubt hit the ground running from a fitness perspective once the season starts. Some, I’m sure, will take longer to reach the levels of fitness, or playing fitness, that is required. There’s going to be a mix I’m sure.”

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