Improved TVAP spaceship to blast off in the New Year

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams

Thames Valley Adventure Playground’s new spaceship is set to blast off next month following a major rebuild.

The playground, in Taplow, is a charity that offers a range of adventurous, therapeutic and educational activities in a safe and stimulating environment, for children and adults with all types of disability.

One of its most popular pieces of equipment is the spaceship, an interactive shuttle with a steering wheel, crawl space and room for people to play and socialise.

It was set up about five years ago but has since fallen into disrepair and recently ‘failed its MOT’.

“When we took it down completely, we had some comments from people on Facebook saying, ‘Oh no, that was my favourite thing’,” said playground manager Gary Warrington. “So we decided to rebuild it.”

The team decided to remake the spaceship bigger and better than ever – with a little help from a £1,000 donation from the Rotary Club of Maidenhead Thames Millennium Trust.

The small trust distributes about £5,000 a year to help with illness and support the young in the community of Windsor and Maidenhead. It seeks out projects, rather than receiving grant applications.

Chair Peter Murcott and trustee Barry Hatch visited the spaceship on Thursday last week.

The new and improved spaceship is set to have more interactive elements, electric parts such as lights and sounds, possibly powered by solar panels, and an alien-themed surrounding landscape.

It will ‘launch’ alongside a naming competition next month when the upgraded spaceship is set to be complete.

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