Art groups hosts exhibition at Queen Charlotte pub

Will Taylor

Will Taylor

Artists hoped tourists visiting Windsor would pop in to their gallery and take home their work as they put on an exhibition in the Queen Charlotte pub in Church Lane on Sunday.

A variety of paintings, made by the members of creative abstract art club But Is It Art?, were available for purchase.

The works were displayed with the artists offering to talk to interested buyers about what their art represented, how it was made and their passion for their craft.

One of the group members, Jonathan Greenyer, said he hoped people would come in and decide if they can see the art hanging on their walls at home, as well as talk to the artists to understand their passion.

He added: "I love to see my work on someone's wall. If someone buys it, it is a compliment.

"I would give this away for free."

The group meets once a month and is open to new members. Visit for more.

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