YouTube couple launch bacon flavoured vegan beer with Windsor brewery

A married couple who achieved online stardom on YouTube are preparing to launch a vegan bacon beer with a Windsor-based brewery.

Windsor residents Megan Evans, 30, and Whitney Bacon, 28, will be teaming up with the Uprising Brewery, in Vansittart Estate, to produce their unique craft beer.

The couple first met online 10 years ago when Whitney was living in Hawaii and now run a YouTube channel ‘What Wegan Did Next’ which documents their lives together.

Growing up, Whitney was often bullied due to her surname so she decided she wanted to create a beer that embraced her name with a food that everyone loves.

She said: “I’ve always been a massive fan of craft beer and IPA and I thought this was a chance to show that women can love beer just as much as men.”

The beer will be called B.A.B.E which stands for Bacon and Beer Everyday and will be infused with a vegan bacon flavour.

It will be officially launched at the Windsor and Eton Brewery, where the Uprising Brewery brews its stock, on Friday, May 26.

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