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Royal Borough party leaders written to over ex-councillor parody on Twitter

An ex-councillor has written to the leaders of Royal Borough parties to complain about a parody Twitter account set up in his name.

Ed Wilson, who represented Clewer South for the Conservatives before the May elections, became the subject of a mocking Twitter account called Steady Eddie Wilson earlier this week, which described him in derogatory terms in parody tweets.

But an independent councillor has insisted if he ‘goes around throwing stones’ he should expect some back.

The Twitter address @WilsonSteady had 13 followers at noon Tuesday, including four serving Royal Borough councillors – Cllr Karen Davies (Lib Dem, Clewer East), Cllr Wisdom Da Costa (Clewer and Dedworth West), Cllr Jon Davey (WWRA, Clewer and Dedworth West) and Cllr Neil Knowles (Ind, OWRA).

Mr Wilson said on his Facebook page that he had written to the borough’s party leaders to ‘confirm that this has nothing to do with any of their councillors’.

He described it as ‘very childish and personal attack type stuff aimed at causing distress to me, my family and friends’.

He told the Express on Tuesday afternoon: “For me, it is neither here nor there.

“It is a very childish type of thing and does not bother me in the slightest, but it is being followed by councillors.”

The Express contacted the four councillors who followed the account on Tuesday afternoon.

Cllr Davies said she tends to follow back accounts that follow her, as happened with this parody account, and follows various accounts to ‘be aware of what is going on’. She later unfollowed it.

“There is a fine line to be had between being funny and being abusive,” she said.

Cllr Da Costa said he would unfollow the account after being told of some of the tweets which he said were ‘not acceptable’.

He had followed the account after it was suggested to him by Twitter, because he wanted to keep abreast of it and believes satire is important.

Cllr Davey, who also unfollowed the account, said: “Twitter is one of those things that I don’t pay any attention to.”

But he said Cllr Wilson had been unkind to him in a Windsor Facebook group and added: “If he goes around throwing stones then don’t be surprised if some get thrown (back).”

Councillors Davies, Da Costa and Davey denied they were behind the account.

Cllr Knowles did not reply to the Express for comment.

Mr Wilson said he was satisfied with his social media conduct and said, while there is some ‘cut and thrust on social media’, he had never impersonated anyone.

Later on Tuesday, the account had been given a facelift. It retained its @WilsonSteady name but had been redesigned to appear as a Harold Wilson tribute account.

The vast majority of its tweets about Ed Wilson were deleted and the account tweeted: “Something seems to have happened to my new group last night but it’s all back the right way up now I think.”

Its biography was changed to say it is ‘a tribute site to the late Lord Wilson former socialist Prime Minister’.

Party leaders Cllr Simon Dudley, Cllr Lynne Jones and Cllr Simon Werner directed Mr Wilson to the council complaints process.


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