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Windsor woman denies sex offences against 13-year-old boy

A woman from Windsor has denied sexually abusing and having the baby of a 13-year old boy.

Leah Cordice, 20, has pleaded not guilty to five counts of sexual activity with a child.

At a trial at Reading Crown Court yesterday (Thursday) the jury heard from Cordice’s former best friend, Stephanie Forsdyke.

When asked under cross-examination by prosecutor Grace Ong if she found out what Cordice had been doing with her alleged victim, Ms Forsdyke said: “Yes, she’d slept with him.

“I said it was wrong,” she added.

“She didn’t tell me much and I didn’t want to go into much detail about it. He was underage.”

The court heard through police statements that the alleged victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, claimed the first offence took place on December 31, 2016. Cordice would have been 17 at the time.

Ms Forsdyke told the court that she and Cordice had fallen out in May 2017, claiming that the defendant had not invited her to her wedding.

Defence barrister Tara McCarthy suggested this falling out caused Ms Forsdyke to make up ‘stories’ about the defendant.

Ms McCarthy said: “The reason you are making up these stories about [the alleged victim] is because you were upset about not being invited to the wedding.”

This was denied by Ms Forsdyke.

Cordice was arrested on July 9, 2018, and taken to Maidenhead Police Station, where she was interviewed under caution.

During the interview, a statement from Cordice was read out by her solicitor, which was repeated to the jury by Ms Ong.

It said: “I have never had sexual contact with [the alleged victim], he’s always had a crush on me and would often do inappropriate things such as grabbing me and generally annoying me.

“We didn’t have sexual contact or intercourse, I didn’t instigate any sexual contact with him.

“[The alleged victim] is not the father of my child.”

The court was told how DNA analysis gave ‘extremely strong support’ to the assertion that the alleged victim was the father of Cordice’s child.

The trial continues.


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