Charity pleas for people to feed 'starving' swans

Charity pleas for people to feed 'starving' swans

Justin Burns

Charity pleas for people to feed 'starving' swans


Swans fight for food near Barry Avenue

A swan charity has issued a plea for people to feed 'starving' swans on the Thames in Windsor as the birds are struggling to survive in the cold weather.

Volunteers at Swan Lifeline have been feeding a flock of about 150 swans alongside Barry Avenue, with grain and corn everyday during the big freeze.

The charity based in Cuckoo Weir Island, Eton said it has had to rescue a few birds and take them in as they were so thin and in such a poor condition.

Coordinator Wendy Hermon said she is worried some could die while temperatures remain at zero or below.

She urged people to feed them and also the ducks.

Wendy said: "There is no food for them. I put a bag of corn down and there were 30 swans and ducks around me trampling on each other to get food. They are absolutely starving and were like scavengers.

"I have never seen them so hungry - some look terrible."

Wendy said the snow has left swans unable to graze on The Brocas as the ground is so hard.

She said they are used to be being fed by people, but passers-by have dwindled as people stay indoors during the big freeze.

Photographer Maureen McLean, of Eton said the swans and ducks were scrambling for food when she fed them on Monday. Visit for more details.

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