Father and son sentenced after beating Polish man

Father and son sentenced after beating Polish man

Justin Burns

Father and son sentenced after beating Polish man

A father and son who teamed up to assault a Polish man in their home have been sentenced.

Jake Barnes, 23, and Brian Barnes, 60, of Perrycroft, Windsor, found out their fate at Reading Crown Court on Friday.

The court heard how Barnes senior asked Lukasz Porcentko to come to his property on March 7 as he thought he had stolen his television, which the victim denied, and he wanted to 'have it out with him'.

When the 28-year-old came into the house Barnes senior wielded a hammer, while his son waved a kitchen knife, telling Mr Porcentko 'I am going to kill you'.

Barnes junior then punched the victim a few times before smashing him over the head with what the defence claimed was a pepper grinder, but the victim said was a baseball bat.

Barnes senior then pulled his son off the injured car industry worker, who suffered wounds to his scalp and other injuries, which required surgery.

Both had pleaded guilty to actual bodily harm at the same court on the first day of a proposed trial in December.

Barnes junior was handed 12 months in prison and four weeks for breaching an eight-week suspended sentence he was given for theft in November 2011.

Both are to run consecutively.

Retired control engineer Barnes senior was handed an eight-month prison sentence suspended for 18 months.

Judge Nicholas Wood said it was a 'sustained assault' with weapons used to intimidate, threaten and confront Mr Porcentko.

He said he was not sure of the background to the assault.

Judge Wood said Barnes junior, who was said to have anger and alcohol issues, had played the 'leading role' and his father the 'subordinate'.

He added the only reason he was sparing Barnes senior, time behind bars, because his health was in such a poor state and he was on 10 types of medication.

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