Old Windsor villagers in uproar over parking ban plan

Old Windsor villagers in uproar over parking ban plan

Francis Batt

Old Windsor villagers in uproar over parking ban plan
Janet Craig

A village is up in arms over proposed parking restrictions many believe would destroy businesses in its centre.

The uproar follows the posting through letter boxes of a consultation document, asking Old Windsor villagers' views on plans to impose a 40m parking ban along a stretch of St Luke's Road.

Business owners in the road say such a restriction would have a devastating effect.

Janet Craig, the proprietor of Hands on Art Studio, said: "We are trying to develop this area as a village centre that will bring people in. I run a studio where up to 20 children at a time can make their own art but people need to park.

"This restriction would mean I would have to rethink renewing the lease."

Kyron Michael, owner of Saxons cafe, said: "Everybody feels the same. Parking is a problem already here, restricting it more won't help the village at all."

Both said they had not even received the consultation leaflet.

Jason Hart is on the committee of the Old Windsor Club. He said: "We cater for all ages and no-one would be able to park outside if this goes ahead. It will be chaotic, we will fight this tooth and nail."

The proposed restriction is tied in with planning permission given by the Royal Borough for a day nursery on the site of the old Catholic church.

Old Windsor Parish Council fiercely opposed the application, although its views were ignored by the borough.

Parish chairman Cllr Jane Dawson said: "It is fundamentally wrong that existing businesses will suffer to enable a new one to start."

"The borough is guilty of lack of transparency or incompetence. The people most affected did not even receive the leaflet.

"They are fobbing off a leaflet delivered to about half a dozen doors as a parking consultation."

A spokesman for the Royal Borough said: "The consultation is a planning condition for the nursery. Letters were delivered to properties in the zone and the surrounding area. If anyone further afield would like a copy we will happily send it to them."

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