Windsor's jubilee fountain attacked for third time

Windsor's jubilee fountain attacked for third time

Francis Batt

Windsor's jubilee fountain attacked for third time

Vandals have struck for a third time at Windsor's Diamond Jubilee Fountain.

Six months after louts caused £1,500 worth of damage by snapping off more than 60 of its water jets, someone has dumped washing up liquid or detergent into it.

It is not the first time that has happened. The first 'detergent' attack happened last July, only a week after the Lord Lieutenant of Berkhire Mary Bayliss opened the £107,600 monument on the corner of Barry Avenue and Goswell Road. It turned the water into a foamy, sudsy mass.

But even if some took that as a joke, no-one was laughing in September when vandals smashed the monument's water jets causing real damage.

The borough offered a £1,000 reward for information leading to a prosecution.

This week the fountain had to be turned off again while it was cleaned out for a second time after another 'attack by detergent'.

Kevin Mist, the Royal Borough's head of leisure services, said: "It's a shame that some people feel the need to abuse an attractive feature enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

"When this happens, which fortunately isn't too often, we have to empty and refill it so it's turned off for half a day. The cost is about £100 so in the scheme of things it isn't a huge expense - but it is unnecessary and annoying that some people will miss out on the enjoyment of the display.

"Regarding the reward for information on the vandalism, unfortunately no-one has come forward so far. I would still welcome anyone with information to contact me on 01628 796443 and the reward is still valid."

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