Windsor Link Railway boss claims 'overwhelming' support for plan

Windsor Link Railway boss claims 'overwhelming' support for plan

Justin Burns

Windsor Link Railway boss claims 'overwhelming' support for plan
Cllr George Bathurst

A Royal Borough councillor behind ambitious plans for a £100million rail project says 95 per cent of people in Windsor are behind the project.

Cllr George Bathurst (Con, Castle Without) said a survey found they 'overwhelmingly' back the proposals by the Windsor Link Railway (WLR).

WLR are proposing to build a private rail network to improve links from Slough to London via Windsor by connecting the town's railway stations by a tunnel and also linking lines with Heathrow.

Plans are to connect the Great Western and South West Trains franchise areas and potentially linking both to the airport.

Cllr Bathurst also said the survey found 95 per cent of borough residents would like to see the council do more to support the WLR plans.

He invited 2,500 residents from March 3 to participate in an online survey and has received 237 responses so far. The survey runs until Tuesday.

Cllr Bathurst, who is managing director of WLR, said: "I am delighted that so many local residents are supportive of what we are trying to achieve. I hope that government, both locally and nationally take notice of this so that we can begin work on this vitally important project."

He also said householders placed a greater priority on improving links to London over better links to Heathrow.

Cllr Bathurst said transport problems facing the South-east are well rehearsed as the 'infrastructure has not kept pace' with an ever growing population.

He also asked why Slough Borough Council is proposing their own expensive rail link to Heathrow that will principally benefit people from outside of the region in places like Cardiff.

He added: "The WLR will not only tackle these historic problems, but will also provide much needed jobs and growth."

The Department for Transport has said it is satisfied with WLR's specification for a westerly link to Heathrow.

WLR is currently in commercial discussions with Network Rail on the project.

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