Mum and son bitten by ferocious bull terrier after attack on family pet

Mum and son bitten by ferocious bull terrier after attack on family pet

Francis Batt

Mum and son bitten by ferocious bull terrier after attack on family pet
Dave the Yorkshire Terrier

A mother and her 15-year-old son were bitten by a ferocious bull terrier as they struggled to stop it tearing apart their family pet.

Arousse Simmance and her son Jake were walking their 18-month-old Yorkshire terrier Dave in Oxford Road, Windsor, near their home when the attack happened on February 20.

Mrs Simmance said: "The dog had no collar or lead.

"It clocked us and immediately attacked Dave. Dave was pinned to the ground screaming. Jake and I struggled to get it off but the dog would not let go of Dave.

"Jake was very brave and grabbed the bull terrier round the neck getting bitten on his hand and wrist as he pulled it away.

"I got hold of Dave's harness and lugged him up into my arms. But the dog jumped up to get at him and bit me on my arm - thank heavens I was wearing a thick coat.

"The coat still has a big tear in it.

"People along the road all came to their front door to see what was happening. But no-one came to help which shocked us most of all."

Help finally came in the form of a passing motorist who stopped and shouted to Arousse and Jake to throw their dog into her car.

She then took them all to the nearest vet where Dave was treated for multiple bites.

Police subsequently arrested David Knapp, 57, of Oxford Road who pleaded guilty to a charge of allowing his English bull terrier Jack to be dangerously out of control in public place.

He was fined £200 at Slough Magistrates Court on March 21, ordered to pay £50 compensation to Jake and a £20 surcharge.

He was warned his dog Jack would be destroyed if it was not kept muzzled and on a lead in public.

But Mrs Simmance was not impressed by the sentence - or the state of the law at the moment.

She said: "The police were really good. But they told me if my dog had been killed they could not have done anything. Because Jake was bitten they were able to take action. The law really needs tightening up

"Dave has recovered well but is still very nervous. I made a point of taking him out again at once to get him used to going for walks again."

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