'Teenagers would rather go to a pub than a youth club'

'Teenagers would rather go to a pub than a youth club'

Francis Batt

'Teenagers would rather go to a pub than a youth club'

Teenagers who once used youth clubs are now more likely to be found in the pub.

That was the 'no nonsense' message from Old Windsor councillor Lynne Jones at a meeting of the Royal Borough's Children's Services Scrutiny Panel last night.

As her colleagues agreed to try and attract more volunteers to run youth clubs, Cllr Jones warned that 17-year-olds today were unlikely to be impressed.

"Kids aged 16 to 17 are more likely to be found in Windsor in the pubs. They have all got their mopeds," she said.

Cllr Jones - who has a teenage son herself -  also expressed doubt that many parents would want to volunteer in youth clubs that their children attended, because they saw them as signs that their children were becoming independent.

But councillors all agreed it was important to keep youth clubs open despite the current financial situation, possibly by expanding the use of the buildings to other members of the community.

They also hoped that volunteers would make it possible to keep clubs open later at night so that young people had somewhere safe to socialise.

Councillors also gave their support to a campaign to persuade young people to volunteer to help in the clubs.

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