Horse riders raise thousands for good causes

Horse riders raise thousands for good causes

Nick Mayo

Horse riders raise thousands for good causes

Thousands of pounds was raised for good causes by horse riders in Windsor.

The Lions Club of Windsor Cross Country Horse Ride took place at Windsor Great Park on Saturday and yesterday.

A total of 410 riders, ranging from an eight-year-old on a pony to a pensioner in his 70s, took on the nine mile course.

Permission is given by the Crown Estate Commissioners for the event to take place in the park.

Harry Purchase, past president of the Lions Club of Windsor, officially started the horse ride and said: "Obviously it is a tremendous privilege to ride in Windsor Great Park.

"It went very well indeed, a couple of falls but nobody was badly damaged, just the odd bruise."

The event has been going for 38 years and has raised more than £1.8million.

Each rider is sponsored and the total raised is still be totted up but should be about £40,000.

A big chunk of it will go to Riding for the Disabled Association and the rest split between small local charities and individuals who need a financial boost.

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