Councillor Tom Bursnall describes Windsor Park Street fire

Councillor Tom Bursnall describes Windsor Park Street fire

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Councillor Tom Bursnall describes Windsor Park Street fire
Photo by Declan Lepage Keefe

Royal Borough councillors Tom and Catherine Bursnall live next door to the house where the fire started in Windsor Park Street.

They are friends with Justin and Linsey Lunny, whose home was partially destroyed in the blaze. It is next door to number nine where the fire started. They have a two year old baby. Linsey owns the Little Monkeys nursery in Victoria Street.

Tom said: "I heard the siren and waited for it to go away. But it just got nearer. I looked out of the window and it was as if the whole area was floodlit. I went out and could feel the heat on my face.

"Justin and Linsey are on holiday in Spain. It was not nice having to watch one of our good friend's house catch on fire. They had only had the whole house done up last year and it could not have happened to a nicer family. I feel so sad for them but they are strong and will pick themselves up with Windsor's support."

He praised the firefighters on the scene, saying: "The whole row of terraces would have gone up if they had not managed to contain it.

"One firefighter was on the roof of the offices at number 12 at one point, bashing a hole in the roof so they could get the water in from above. I think that saved the day.

"I felt fairly safe because my house is detached. I was able to let the firefighters into my driveway so they could get round the back."

Tom Bursnall

Cllr Bursnall also praised troops from Victoria Barracks who came out to help.

The cause of the fire remains a mystery at the moment but Cllr Bursnall says he heard people saying that someone had been seen running out of the building where the fire started.

He said: "One thing this proves - we must continue to have a 24-hour fire service in Windsor."

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