Pilot pedestrianisation of Peascod Street to become permanent

Pilot pedestrianisation of Peascod Street to become permanent

Francis Batt

Pilot pedestrianisation of Peascod Street to become permanent
Never to return - the old bus stop before it moved round the corner

A pilot pedestrianisation of part of Peascod Street is set to become permanent after councillors agreed the scheme was good for Windsor.

Royal Borough cabinet members voted in favour of keeping a new layout in Lower Peascod Street, implemented in spring last year, which saw the street's bus stop relocated to Charles Street.

Councillors noted benefits reported from the scheme, including improvements to air quality in the street and progress in the council's aim to create a 'cafe culture' in the town.

The permanent disappearance of buses from Lower Peascod Street has been welcomed by Windsor's Chamber of Commerce secretary Martin Miranda.

Speaking after the meeting Mr Miranda, who is the manager of King Edward Court shopping centre, said the chamber had always felt that cutting the pedestrianised area of Peascod Street in two to allow buses to go through was wrong.

It cut off businesses in Lower Peascod Street and St Leonard's Road.

He said: "There was the safety issue too. It was confusing, particularly for children, to be in a supposedly vehicle free area and then suddenly a bus comes round the corner. That invisible wall has now gone as well as the pollution.

"Now the level of the road where the buses used to go needs to be raised to match the rest of the pedestrianised area."

He hoped trade would improve as a result but warned: "Business is poor at the moment and things do not happen overnight."

At the meeting, which took place on Thursday last weel, deputy cabinet chairman Cllr Phill Bicknell said action was needed as factors such as internet shopping were 'creating havoc with high streets up and down the country', while Cllr George Bathurst, cabinet member for policy and performance, said the Windsor Town Partnership and local businesses had been 'very supportive' of the scheme as a way to improve footfall.

Cllr Geoff Hill, cabinet member for highways and transport, agreed that times were tough and added: "My view is that we are only going in the right direction."

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