Cyclist arrested for going wrong way up one-way street

Cyclist arrested for going wrong way up one-way street

Justin Burns

Cyclist arrested for going wrong way up one-way street

A cyclist on her way to catch a train was arrested and handcuffed by police after she cycled the wrong way up a one-way street in Windsor town centre.

The woman was cycling to Windsor and Eton Riverside Station at about 8.30am yesterday when an officer stopped her for riding in the wrong direction.

A police constable arrested and handcuffed her in St Leonard's Road after he thought she was trying to flee the crime scene, before de-arresting her.

Shocked passers-by on their way to work witnessed the incident along with business owners from nearby retail units.

Chris Littler, manager of the Frost Partnership in Clarence Road, said his colleague spoke to the woman who had marks and scuffs on both her wrists from being handcuffed.

He said she was 'shaken up' by the incident and said he thought the officer's action was over-the-top for something so minor.

Mr Littler said the woman told an employee at the estate agent she was in a rush to get a train to work when she cycled up the street and had not realised it was one-way.

A police spokesman said: "The cyclist was travelling in the wrong direction in a one-way street, in St Leonard's Road.

"A police constable witnessed the incident and stopped the cyclist to issue a ticket for contravening a traffic sign.

"While the constable was writing the ticket, the cyclist tried to make off."

He added: "The officer had to then arrest the cyclist to prevent them leaving the scene before a £30 fixed penalty notice (FPN) could be issued for the offence.

"Once the FPN was issued, the cyclist was de-arrested."

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