Crisis talks held over Legoland traffic choas

Crisis talks held over Legoland traffic choas

Francis Batt

Crisis talks held over Legoland traffic choas

Crisis talks are being held between Legoland bosses and the Royal Borough as unprecedented demand for the Windsor theme park brings increased traffic chaos.

Frustrated visitors were turned away from the world famous attraction in Winkfield Road for the fourth time this year on Friday because its car parks were full.

Some angry drivers parked dangerously on grass verges on the busy road outside and tried unsuccessfully to walk in - even though entrance is only allowed in a vehicle.

Deborah Judd who regularly drives past Legoland said: "The lovely green grass had become a car park.  I travelled past at least three times and each time the amount of cars had increased. There were parents with young children crossing what is a very busy road."

This week Liz  Edwards, head of PR at Legoland, said that staff had put an unofficial cordon round the grass verges to stop people parking there.

Massive traffic jams regularly build up as far back as the Three Tuns junction at Slough two miles from Legoland as visitors head towards the park.

Cllr Geoff Hill (Con, Oldfield) the Royal Borough's cabinet member for highways and Legoland management both believe it is vital that a 'joined up' policy is developed to deal with the problem - involving the Highways Agency, which could use motorway signs to keep people informed about delays or warn them when Legoland has to shut its gates.

Legoland claim that on Friday the Agency failed to update any of its motorway signs to let people know what was happening, despite being kept fully up to date.

The Agency says it is happy to work with Legoland but is not allowed to 'advertise' private companies by giving specific information about whether they are open or closed.

Cllr Hill said this week: "This is a problem made worse by the fact it took so long for summer to arrive. Suddenly people are all going out at once in unprecedented numbers and we have to find a solution."

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