'Elephant' event to help children cope with grief

'Elephant' event to help children cope with grief

Francis Batt

'Elephant' event to help children cope with grief
Louise Woodbridge at the 'elephants tea party'

Coping with bereavement can be traumatic for young children.

But a new bereavement awareness campaign running at primary schools across the country aims to help them cope when the worst happens.

On Friday it came to Lambrook School, Winkfield Row. The 'elephant's tea parties' as the events are known, were pioneered by the charity Child Bereavement UK.

The charity's patrons are Paul and Louise Woodbridge whose own children went to Lambrook school.

Their beloved two-year-old twins Betsy and William died in a tragic accident at their Winkfield home.

Louise said: "We know from when our children went back to school after their brother and sister died what a huge difference the sensitive support of friends and teachers could make.

"We want elephant's tea parties to help schools talk about the often difficult subject of death in a normal way."

The children on Friday made masks, enjoyed picnics and games, baking sessions. But mixed in with the fun were serious messages about how to cope with loss.

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