Swans harmed by oil spill in the Thames

Swans harmed by oil spill in the Thames

Justin Burns

Swans harmed by oil spill in the Thames


Swans covered in oil
More than 150 swans have been harmed after an oil spill in the Thames.


Eton charity Swan Lifeline were called to help them in the slipway near Browns restaurant in Barry Avenue at 9.30pm last night.

The spill is believed to have started by the Windsor and Eton Bridge.

Investigations are being carried out by inspectors from the Environment Agency and Thames Water into where the oil came from.

Wendy Hermon, treatment coordinator at the Cuckoo Weir Island charity, said a massive cleaning operation is being done and the oil 'went on and on'.

She said: "It is very stressful for them and we are trying to work as quickly as possible to clean them up."

She added 30 volunteers have been helping clean the swans and one couple who had never held a swan before even knocked on the charity's gates asking to help out.

Wendy praised all the help from volunteers.

The Environment Agency said their officers have been working on the site along with Thames Water contractors.

A spokesman said: "Officers foundthat oil entering the River Thames had stopped with no oil coming from any of the surface outfalls or other potential sources.

"Most of the oil has dispersed and it is therefore impractical to deploy booms to trap the remaining oil. High dilution of the River Thames has minimised the impacts of the pollution.

"In order to minimise the possibility of further oil entering the Thames we will be carrying out on riverside checks and will continue to monitor the situation."

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