Driver rescued from his car after crash in Tesco car park

Driver rescued from his car after crash in Tesco car park

Nick Mayo

A driver had to be rescued from his car by firefighters after getting stuck in it in Tesco car park.

The elderly gentleman was reversing out of a parking bay at the supermarket in Dedworth Road, Windsor, in his automatic car when he said his foot slipped and he reversed with some force into some bollards and ended up planting his vehicle between a lamppost and a plastic bollard in a pedestrian walkway.

The car snapped the base of three bollards.

Four other parked cars were damaged in the process.

He managed to damage all sides of his car preventing him from getting out as the locks wouldn't activate.

Crews from Windsor and Slough fire stations released the doors for him after being called out at 2.15pm as well as police and paramedics.

There was also lots of broken glass and debris so firefighters had to make the scene safe.

The man wasn't injured.

Chris Davis, Black Watch manager at Windsor, said: "Unfortunately it is not actually that unique, we have been to a number of incidents this year where members of the community in the older generation have managed to lose control off their automatic vehicles."

He said the damage had only been a few dented cars and upset drivers but 'the potential for this type of incident to cause much greater harm is very great' especially with the majority of Tesco customers at that time of day being mums with young children and retired people.

Mr Davis added: "Even when you are in a car park with moving vehicles - always be cautious."

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