Financial squeeze hits schools

Financial squeeze hits schools

Francis Batt

Financial squeeze hits schools


Phil Clarke
Headteacher at Trevelyan Phil Clarke has asked the Royal Borough for more time to repay an outstanding £135,000 still owed on a loan incurred by the school two years before he took over.

Trevelyan Middle School, which is in Wood Close, Windsor and takes pupils aged nine to 13, is the only school in the borough apart from Windsor Boys which is in debt.

It happened three years ago and the school was given five years then to repay the borough loan.

But Mr Clarke hopes the authority will extend the remaining time.

He said: "It is difficult when you are trying to drive a school forward and capital interest that should be benefitting pupils is going instead on repaying a loan from history."

He is determined thet school should not suffer the fate of Windsor Boys School, which had its Ofsted rating downgraded from 'oustanding' to 'requires improvement' after making economies aimed at helping repay a £654,000 loan from last year.

Three first schools - catering for five to nine-year-olds - in the Royal Borough have overspent this year, including Bisham School and Eton Porny although both of them have agreed budgets next year to balance this.

Oakfield First School in Imperial Road, Windsor was given permission by the borough last year to run up a £27,000 deficit to meet 'one off costs' and will need two years to cover it.

The school's head Roz Sendorek revealed this week that the school was a victim of government 'generosity' after it was awarded a grant to extend its classroom capacity.

She said: "Unfortunately the grant did not cover furnishing any of the new classrooms or any of the equipment needed."

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