VIDEO: Film-making firm nominated for three Emmy's

VIDEO: Film-making firm nominated for three Emmy's

Justin Burns

VIDEO: Film-making firm nominated for three Emmy's

A Windsor-based independent documentary film-making firm has been nominated for three prestigious Emmy Awards in the US.

Clover Films in Alma Road, has been shortlisted in separate categories for its films Battle for Syria, Opium Brides, and Al Qaeda in Yemen.

The glitzy television industry awards ceremony take place in New York on October 1.

The firm's director and producer Jamie Doran said the nominations increase awareness of Clover's films and subjects covered.

The 57-year-old former BBC producer said: "We don’t do it for the money, we believe in what we do.

"It’s important for us to get the message across to people to stop looking at world tragedies through rose-tinted glasses."

Glasgow-born Jamie said their documentaries are broadcast in 30-35 countries on average.

Clover Films also scooped top industry accolade the DuPont-Columbia (also known as the broadcast Pulitzer Prize) this year for Opium Brides.

He said shooting on the frontline in conflict zones comes with its dangers but it 'makes him feel alive'.

The father-of-three said over the years he has had some lucky escapes in Afghanistan and other war zones.

"When I was filming in Aleppo for the Battle of Syria, I had a bullet shot through my hair by a sniper.

"There were five dead bodies around me and the Free Syrian Army commander said the snipers were all dead, but they weren’t.

"In another film, in Afghanistan, called Behind Enemy Lines shown on Channel 4, I was supposed to be meeting with the Taliban.

"But I got call the day before from my reporter who said simply 'you'd better not come down, they're going to behead you'."

And Jamie said, ironically, that the increasing number of global conflicts is good for business.

"We survive financially because the world is in such a mess,” he said.

"It would almost be nice to be bust because that would mean the world would be a better place."

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