New Legoland forest making good progress

New Legoland forest making good progress

Francis Batt

New Legoland forest making good progress

A new forest being grown from scratch at Legoland is going from strength to strength.

It is more than two years since the ambitious plan to plant 17,500 new trees at the world famous theme park in Winkfield Road, Windsor was launched. The trees were a mix of oak, sweet chestnut, beech, hawthorn, hollies and birch and are expected to take 15 years to reach their full height.

This week Windsor man Mark Knight, whose Dorney-based company Landmark Tree Surgery is handling the work, said:  "We had nearly 95 per cent success rate for establishment and the young trees have grown very fast."

Mark's team has been on site this week laying 350 cubic metres of chip as mulch around the trees.

The long-term plan is to remove the hawthorns and birch trees once they have served their purpose of protecting the other growing trees - leaving a woodland made up entirely of oak and beech.

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