Windsor's Tom Holmes on course for comedy stardom

Windsor's Tom Holmes on course for comedy stardom

Francis Batt

Windsor's Tom Holmes on course for comedy stardom

A scarring experience with a disgusted 83-year-old has failed to dent comedian Tom Holmes' enthusiasm.

Tom, 27, of Sinclair Road, Windsor has beaten 250 new London acts to make the finals of the Comedy Knights Fresh Comedian of 2013 competition.

But he will never forget his 'worst even gig'. He said: "The small audience was made up of a few octagenarians who I'm assuming had walked into the comedy night by mistake.

"I can sum up how terrible and scarring the night was, as I am still haunted by the image of myself doing an internationally recognised gesture while making eye contact with an 83-year-old woman who was slowly shaking her head in pure disgust."

Tom works in advertising but has been doing stand-up for almost two years - thanks to his girlfriend.

He said: "I kept saying I was going to do it, everyone kept telling me I should do it. So one day she text me saying that she had booked me a spot and that I had better start practising."

Other audiences have been more congenial than the scandalised octagenarians. Tom sums it up like this: "Keep it together. If your first joke or anecdote doesn't work don't dwell on it, just plough on and try not to fall to pieces."

The Comedy Knights Fresh Comedian of 2013  final takes place on Saturday, September 21 at the Garden Bar, Notting Hill, visit for tickets.

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