Windsor Walkway plans revised

Windsor Walkway plans revised

Justin Burns

Windsor Walkway plans revised


Jim Walker from the Outdoor Trust
A sneek preview article in the Express in June led to organisers of the Windsor Walkway to reassess trail plans.

Designer Jim Walker said he has received calls from historians and guides in Windsor and Eton and one from map creator Dr David Lewis.

The 46-year-old said: "Dr Lewis came to me and said he was developing a historical map and the trust decided it had to be used as a basis for the walkway.

"We have got to make sure it is accurate and we get it right."

He said they have 85 points of interests, which will be scaled down to 63 to mark every year Her Majesty has reigned.

The 90-minute trail over 6.32km is set to be ready for September 2015, and will cover well-known landmarks such as The Crooked House of Windsor and other hidden gems.

The Royal Borough has approved creation of the walkway, while the Queen has told the trust she liked the idea.

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