Adam Afriyie calls for early EU referendum

Adam Afriyie calls for early EU referendum

Michael Owens

Adam Afriyie calls for early EU referendum

Windsor MP Adam Afriyie has pledged to force an early referendum that could lead to Britain leaving the EU.

Writing in today's Mail on Sunday, Mr Afriyie said that a referendum on membership of the EU is a priority David Cameron is ignoring.

The European Union (Referendum) Bill currently makes provision for a referendum in 2017.

However, the Conservative backbencher plans to table an amendment to the bill tomorrow (Monday October 6) to bring the vote forward to October 2014.

He said: "The political establishment are naturally hesitant but we have nothing to fear by giving people a chance to have their say, either way, on our future relationship with Europe.

"Whatever Labour or the Conservatives want for the future of our country, it would be best to resolve the issue sooner rather than later."

He added the British public wants an earlier vote before the prime minister's planned date and any delay would be bad for British businesses

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