Safety advice given to college students

Safety advice given to college students

Francis Batt

Safety advice given to college students

Every young person wants to have a good time when they go out at night. But how many know how to make sure they have a safe time?

A special event held at East Berkshire college's Windsor campus in St Leonard's Road on Monday focussed on this problem. Students who came along were asked to fill in a questionnaire, offering a variety of choices they could make in potentially dangeous situations.

Community safety manager Brian Martin revealed that a worryingly large number of them got it wrong. He said: "The questions ranged from what to do in a situation where you feel something is wrong, to the safest ways to get home and what sort of person would be most likely to attract a mugger."

Advisors from Brian's team and a community warden were among the people there to give safety advice to young people who came along. The event was organised as part of National Personal Safety Day.

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