Row over fenced off 'footpath'

Row over fenced off 'footpath'

Francis Batt

Row over fenced off 'footpath'

A new home owner has been accused of fencing off a public footpath after deciding to create a small garden on land next to his house.

John Harris

John Harris, 49, fenced off the small area adjoining the home in Clewer Fields, Windsor he recently brought with his partner Serena. They had been assured by solicitors that it was part of the property.

But nearby residents who had been using the path as a short cut into Oxford Road saw red. Now their case has been taken up by ward councillor George Bathurst (Con, Castle Without) who has applied to have the area formally classified as a footpath, which would force Mr Harris to remove the fences.

George Bathurst with footpath users


Cllr Bathurst said: "The fences cause significant inconvenience to residents. Many people have garages or parking on Oxford Road, as well as using the path to access the Boys’ School and nearby shops."

But Mr Harris says many of his immediate neighbours support the closing off of the path. He said: "At night it attracts people into Clewer Fields just to loiter about in it. There is shouting and swearing, couples arguing. At lunchtime it used to attract schoolchildren who wanted a cigarette.

"We want to make it a small allotment garden. I tried to let as many neighbours know as possible what we planned and we are happy to discuss it with anyone."

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