Series of 'disgusting' attacks on swans

Series of 'disgusting' attacks on swans

Philip Dewey

Series of 'disgusting' attacks on swans
A swan was found near Baths Island tied up with a piece of rope.

A series of attacks on swans in Windsor have been branded 'disgusting' by a charity spokeswoman.

Swan Lifeline, based at Cuckoo Weir Island, in Eton Wick, discovered a dead swan in Home Park on Sunday which had been shot in the head with an air rifle and sustained a broken neck.

This follows an incident on Monday, October 14, where a swan was found close to Baths Island with rope tied around its body which prevented it from flying.

It had not been harmed and was released on Wednesday, October 16.

Wendy Hermon, rescue and treatment co-odinator at Swan Lifeline, said: "I think it's disgusting, whoever did this just left it with a rope tied and knotted around its body.

"They must have tried to catch it and kill it but it was difficult for our rescuers to hold it so they must have had a struggle."

A swan was found barbecued on Baths Island in August and a more recent incident on Tuesday saw a swan attacked by a dog in the River Thames near The Promenade, in Barry Avenue.

Wendy added: "I don't know what is going on in Windsor at the moment, are people doing this for fun or food? I don't know."

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