Ex-councillor tells all as son's comedy writing success continues

Ex-councillor tells all as son's comedy writing success continues

Francis Batt

Ex-councillor tells all as son's comedy writing success continues

A veteran councillor has followed in the footsteps of his successful TV comedy writer son - by publishing his own book.

Antony Wood

Father-of-three Antony Wood, 72, of Newton Lane, Old Windsor, used to be a Liberal Democrat councillor and cabinet member on the Royal Borough.

In recent years he and his wife Ursula have proudly watched as son James' sitcom Rev - about a contemporary London vicar - became a smash hit.

Last week, James' new series the political comedy Ambassadors started on BBC 2 - starring the top comedy team of David Mitchell and Robert Webb as officials trying to keep the British flag flying in a corrupt Middle Eastern country.

But now James' dad has fulfilled a lifetime ambition of his own, by publishing his autobiography called Never the Same River.

James Wood with son Digby


In fact he first thought of doing it when James was still a schoolboy studying at St George's School in Windsor.

Antony said: "I spent years just collecting memories and writing them down until I began putting it together in earnest five years ago."

It meant reliving some painful childhood memories.

Antony said: "My father was the Rector at Elstree and my mother suffered seriously from depression.

"It made things difficult because it simply was not understood in those days. It was seen as a disgrace, particularly in a vicar's wife."

He joined the army at 18 where he was commissioned as an officer, serving in Aden during a dangerous period.

He said: "I was ADC to the general there at a time when soldiers were being ambushed and killed.

"There were terrorists in the hills watching us, the police were mutinous. If a car had backfired it could have kicked off and I might not be here today."

Antony's book costs £11.99. Visit here for more details.

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