Warning to watch out for jewellery thieves

Warning to watch out for jewellery thieves

Francis Batt

Warning to watch out for jewellery thieves
Don't leave jewellery out on display
Burglars raiding a house in Datchet were disturbed before they could steal anything.

A witness saw three men in dark clothing climbing over a garden wall in Eton Close, Datchet at 6pm on Halloween night on Thursday and called the police.

The rear patio door was forced and the thieves went straight to the upstairs bedroom looking for jewellery. But they made off empty-handed when they realised they had been spotted.

Police community message co-ordinator Jeffrey Pick this week repeated warnings to people not to leave jewellery on bedside tables, dressing room drawers or in visible jewellery boxes.

He said most burglaries in the Royal Borough were carried out by opportunist thieves looking for jewellery. 

He added: "They want small portable, hard to identify, valuable and easy to sell items. Jewellery - particularly gold jewellery - is number one on their list.

"Never leave any jewellery in a place it would take a thief less than five minutes to find."

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