Trial of Colin Campbell hears how murdered teenager was dumped in Windsor

Trial of Colin Campbell hears how murdered teenager was dumped in Windsor

Philip Dewey

Trial of Colin Campbell hears how murdered teenager was dumped in Windsor
Claire Woolterton

An accused murderer dumped the body of a teenager in Windsor after cutting her throat and mutilating her body, a court heard.

Colin Campbell appeared at Reading Crown Court today accused of murdering Claire Woolterton, 17, in August 1981. Her body was discovered in Barry Avenue.

The 66-year-old was arrested and charged in November 2012. The prosecution said he was charged after his DNA was found on a tape lift taken from Claire's body at the time of her death.

When arrested, Campbell was serving a prison sentence for the manslaughter of 29-year-old Deidre Sainsbury whose mutilated body was found at Denham Golf Course in 1984.

Prosecuting, Peter Wright QC told the court how Claire had left her home in Northolt, west London, on August 27 to see a man she was romantically involved with in Ealing.

The couple had a disagreement which resulted in Claire refusing a lift home and she decided to walk.

She was last seen alive at 10pm in Uxbridge Road, Ealing, walking towards Hanwell.

The next day at 6am, her naked body was discovered by banker Kevin Deacon who was walking to Windsor and Eton Riverside train station.

He alerted the police and Claire's body was examined by forensic scientists who found that her throat had been cut, she had been sexually assaulted and her body had been mutilated after death.

Speaking in court, Mr Wright said: "The identity of Claire's killer remained unknown and her murder was left unsolved, but her killer left his mark on her body.

"Little did he know that advances in medical science and scientific technology would be his undoing."

In 2011, a tape lift taken from Claire's body was examined and two DNA profiles were found, that of Claire and that of a male.

Campbell was arrested in November 2012 and a swab was taken which matched the profile found on Claire's body, which the prosecutor said was a billion times more likely to be him than an unknown person.

Mr Wright QC added: "We say this was murder for the purpose of sexual gratification.

"He chose a vulnerable 17-year-old as his target and even had a knife with him to complete the task."

The trial continues.

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