UPDATE: Colin Campbell murder trial

UPDATE: Colin Campbell murder trial

Philip Dewey

UPDATE: Colin Campbell murder trial
Claire Woolterton

The trial of Colin Campbell, charged with the murder of Claire Woolterton in 1981, heard the defence barrister claim evidence had been contaminated.

The integrity of DNA evidence taken from Claire's body in 1981 was disputed by defence barrister Peter Griffiths QC.

Mr Griffiths cross-examined forensic scientist Dr Angela Geller who worked at the scene in Barry Avenue, Windsor, where Claire's body was found.

Speaking on Monday, Mr Griffiths said: "The bottom line in this is that during an examination conducted through the polythene bag containing the evidence, it was opened and the integrity of that bag was broken at that moment.

Dr Geller said that it would have been standard practice that a bag containing such evidence would be opened.

Mr Griffiths also claimed the debris found on Claire's body on the tape lift was not stuck to an acetate sheet.

Responding, Dr Geller said: "I am mystified that an acetate sheet would not have been used but it could have been stuck down to the bag, however this would have been unusual."

The trial continues.

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