'Happy Day' for Windsor's German baker

'Happy Day' for Windsor's German baker

Francis Batt

'Happy Day' for Windsor's German baker

Windsor's German baker Stefan Hamann had his own 'happy day' on Tuesday when he taught the Fonz himself how to make a pretzel.

Stefan appeared live on Paul O'Grady's television show demonstrating his bread making skills. 

He then stood aside and let his partner Frances judge the efforts of celebrity guests including Henry Winkler - who played the Fonz in Happy Days.

Frances had a field day. She said: "I said their efforts looked like doggy poo which made the audience laugh but I picked Henry's as the best."

Sadly Paul O'Grady himself - who had been enthusiastic about the whole idea of getting a top German baker on the show - had been taken ill and his show was introduced that day by Stephen Mulhern.

The show's producers had visited Stefan and Frances' shop in St Leonard's Road two weeks earlier and had been so impressed they asked the pair to appear on the show.

Stefan's expertise as a German baker goes back five generations. He comes from the town of Coburg in Bavaria - home of Prince Albert and says: "I came to England because I wanted to bring all that experience to another country and make sure it got the best."

Orders came pouring into the shop after Tuesday's TV appearance. But Stefan says that was no problem.

He said: "My working day starts at 9pm the previous day, getting the bread ready so it is fresh first thing in the morning."

The subsequent range of pretzels, pumpernickel, paderborner, sourdough, rye breads and cakes have been going down a treat in the town.

Asked when he manages to sleep, Stefan - who also lives in Windsor - said: "I take naps in the kitchen."

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