Concerns raised over 'unqualified teachers'

Concerns raised over 'unqualified teachers'

Francis Batt

Concerns raised over 'unqualified teachers'

A second day of strike action took place at St Peter's Middle School in Old Windsor following the collapse of talks aimed at solving the growing stand-off between staff and management.

Paul Watkins, area national executive for the teaching union NASUWT, revealed this week that unqualified teachers are being used at the school.

He said: "Concerns have been brought to my attention about the use of unqualified teachers that I think will worry parents."

The school immediately responded and said two 'very experienced and highly regarded members of staff without full teaching qualifications are currently providing maternity cover - one has a full teaching qualification from another EU country while the other is a higher level teaching assistant'.

The school said Ofsted inspectors had seen both at work, adding their use was on a 'very temporary basis', having started three weeks ago and being due to end in January.

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